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JT have over 120 years’ experience in telecommunications.

We are a full-service global consumer and business enterprise provider. 

About the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands lie approximately 100miles south of Great Britain and 14miles North West of France. With a population of 100,000, Jersey  and 65,000, Guernsey the islands are English speaking, self-governing, British Crown dependency outside of the EU.

Although the island measures just 9 miles x 5 miles, Jersey has grown into a world-class financial services hub, managing an astonishing 2% of the world's wealth and boasting the sixth highest GDP per capita in the world.

The benefits of doing business in the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands present an ultra tax-friendly environment, with no Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax or Inheritance Tax. Benefiting from a positive, accessible and welcoming Government and regulatory framework. The islands also have strong and beneficial IP laws as well as liberal data protection laws.

With its unrivalled connectivity and a demographic profile close to that of the East and West coast of America, the Channel Islands present a unique controlled test-bed environment where learnings can be easily replicated.

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  • Where we operate

    Part of the Channel Islands, Jersey lies 100miles south of Great Britain

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  • Brand Values

    JT - Join Together – is a belief that 'we' is better than 'me'.



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  • Personal Solutions

    JT provide a full suite of products including the Channel Islands fastest mobile broadband and fibre-optic broadband solutions to landline and mobile telephone services.

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Our History

Over 120 years' experience

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The JT Group is directed by a Group Board

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