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Supporting local initiatives

We want to be known as a responsible business that is making a difference to the people in the community we operate. We are therefore supporting some local initiatives, which are focused on educating mobile phone and Internet users within the Channel Islands'.

Handsoff is a campaign to warn people and organisations of the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving. We have been supportive of this charity for a number of years, linking up with local police and education providers to keep the message strong. Handsoff's website contains educational information and case studies about the risks of using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Visit the Handsoff website to find out more.


Working with the Child Protection Committee, we are training our retail staff about e-safety and the need to keep both parents and children educated about e-safety in the home environment. With a specific focus on making the Internet a safer place for children we consider this type of education, integral to being a responsible broadband provider.

JT is a Member of the Internet Watch Foundation, the UK internet Hotline for anyone to report their exposure to online child sexual abuse imagery hosted anywhere in the world, non-photographic child sexual abuse images and criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK. For more information or to report a website visit www.iwf.org.uk. 

The Jersey Directory Recycling

We also feel it is our responsibility to take care of the disposal of our telephone Directory and The Jersey Directory Recycling campaign has been running for 20 years. Every year collection points are set up in schools, supermarkets and Parish Halls making it as easy as possible for the public to access a suitable point. The directories are then shipped to the UK to be made into various recycled products.

We also run the 'Books for Tablet' campaign as an additional incentive for local schools. For very every 150 directories collected, JT will provide the school with a new tablet. The school that collects the most directories will, in addition, win a tech workshop. 

Online Billing Project

We all know how important it is to save paper and look after the environment and this is a key focus for JT. All our new campaigns and offers now require customers to sign up to online billing which reduces the number of paper bills we have to send out. It's very simple; you can have access to your accounts 24/7 and get email notifications when your next bill is due. 

Anti-Modern Slavery Statement

The JT Group is opposed to slavery and human trafficking and is committed to making meaningful improvements to sustainable workplace conditions and business practices. To read the full statement click here.


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    For the next 12 months the JT family will be supporting a number of charities around the globe.

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    Consideration for the environment has been recognised by JT as an important element to be integrated into our daily operational processes and management planning.

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    JT invest time and effort into CSR initiatives so that we can best support our company, our people, our island and our customers.

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    JT have over 120 years’ experience in telecommunications. We are a full-service global consumer and business enterprise provider. 

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