Advanced services

There are a number of advanced services available on your fixed line phone such as caller display, number block, call return and ring back when free.

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JT advanced landline services like number mask, call return and ring back can make life a lot more convenient. And every JT landline customer can programme these services into their phone, quickly and easily.

To customise your landline services, just follow the quick reference guide.

Number Mask
To set up 1 4 1

Number Block
To set up * 2 2 7 #
To check *# 2 2 7 #
To cancel # 2 2 7 #

Number Release
For a single call
To set up 1 4 7 0

Call Return
To call the last telephone number that called you
Press 1 4 7 4
To hear the number of your last caller
Press 1 4 7 1
Once you have heard their number either replace the receiver or
Press 3 to be connected

Ring Back When Free
Dial the telephone number you require
If busy dial 5
To check *# 3 7 #
To cancel # 3 7 #

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