Report a landline fault


If you are having difficulties making or receiving calls on your JT landline, then it could be because of a problem with the network. As part of your rental agreement with us, if the fault is on the JT network we will send out an engineer to fix it, and you will not be charged.

However, some faults may be caused by a problem with your internal wiring or equipment. JT is responsible for the line up to and including the NTP (Network Terminating Point) - The point in which our network cable enters your home or premises. If an engineer visits and the source of the problem is proved to your internal wiring or equipment, you will be charged for the visit.

Have you tried another phone and the problem still remains?
Have you tried unplugging all other devices (satellite digiboxes, fax machines, etc) from the telephone socket, to see if this resolves the problem?
If you have broadband working on the line do ALL the sockets with equipment connected have a broadband filter connected?
Telephone Number the fault is on
Email address
Alternative contact number (mobile)
Type of fault
Exact nature of problem/further information