Mobile Data Caps

Manage your mobile data usage with our new data caps.

Available with JT Pay Monthly mobile plans.

Most of us enjoy being connected when we're out and about, or on holiday. Whether it's downloading our emails, updating Facebook, using FaceTime or Skype and downloading films, it can be easy to lose track and potentially end up with an unexpected bill.

Which is why JT offer data caps, to help you monitor your data usage and only use what you want.

What is a data cap?
A data cap is an in-built monitoring and 'alert' system. There are 2 options to choose from depending on your needs;        

1. £50 DATA CAP
This cap works to allow you to limit the amount of data you can use whilst on-island to a limited value of £50 per month which may be useful for customers who are happy to incur some charges, but would like to stay in control of how much. Once you’ve reached this limit then data access will stop automatically and immediately. Should you already have a data bolt-on this will still allow you to use data outside of and on top of your bolt-on value if you need to, however will limit additional charges to a maximum of £50 per month.

This cap works in the same way as the on-island cap to help you limit the amount of data you can use while roaming anywhere in the world to the same limit of £50 per month. Once you’ve reached this limit data access stops immediately, meaning you can roam in confidence to a value you are comfortable with and not return home to an unexpected bill.

How can I get one?

Both of these new caps are offered FREE OF CHARGE for our customers and adding one is simple and easy, fill out the form below and your bolt-on will be applied within 24 hours.
Please note you can also remove your cap/s at any time by calling us if you want to increase your limits, or change your usage profile. 

NOTE: Data caps are only available on Pay Monthly mobile services with the exception of Mobile Broadband.

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